Triptychs by Mr. Conrad's Junior English Class

Triptychs are an ancient Greek art form, an attempt to create depth without the ability of three-dimensional drawing. In writing, triptychs also work to create depth. In Mr. Conrad’s junior English class, his students worked in this three-part format to begin exploring personal identity and experience. The triptych memoirs published below are not only an exercise in beginning to explore the concept of a personal essay, but for Mr. Conrad to better understand his students.

Jake Aferiat

Kyle Alvarado

Matheus Arnaut

Noah Baumgarten

Taylor DeMarco

Alex DeRosa

Jimmy Dronzek

Jack Farrell

Alec Kastner

Andrew Lee

Kelly Maloney

Laura McDermott

John McGrath

Rachel Menzella

Andrew Nebbia

Christa Stankus

Sean Tocci

Julia Veloso

Nick Verost

Keith Zorn