Picture a gentle sun,

picture pink and red flowers,

and picture spring.


It was during spring’s infancy,

when I saw her.

The woman on horseback.

The equestrienne.


Long hair colored quartz,

and wearing a red velvet cloak.


No noise made she,

no command given to the horse,

nor and comment on the scenery.


And my mind warred with itself-

to call out to her not.

Would a woman so beautiful from the back,

enjoy my front?


I chose to remain silent.

For luck with women I have had not,

and I needed not to worsen my record.


So, now, I live in my cottage,

and each spring I watch from my window.

I hope to see the woman on horseback.

For I know in my heart I should I have spoken,

for she said, after I had decided to not speak,

“I wish someone would call out to me.”

Brett Lewbel

Originally appeared in the 2011-2012 edition of Outside In.