The thrashing of fires outside the window

Does not compare to my inner turmoil

When I watch you slip like sand through my fingers

It’s like trying to pick up invisible pieces

And being cut from the inside


While money is being handed behind clouded eyes and fist fights

I stood there with you exchanging I-love-you’s

While the world fell into an endless cycle of retaliation

I knew that behind closed doors

We made it out alive through the barbed wire


While they find shiny silver bullets

And countless edges of knives

Stuck in backs by vengeance

I keep in mind that we grazed each other

with passion and affection


The constant thrive for more cause men’s eyes to turn

from brown to green to red

The hands quake and itch to scratch out the purest forms

The snow turns to black ice

And everyone must become wild if they want to survive


But not me

For you have changed like the rest

And don’t have eyes of hazel but green and red

Hands that itch at the sight of my wallet

You glance at the kitchen when I go to sleep


It’s like you’re on a permanent anxiety high

You have become wild because the world outside the window

It convinces you that our love will not be enough to survive

Survive the men you slowly turned

Into the shadow under my eyes


Now you join those outside

Spearing backs with greed just so you can live

Live in a world where living has no meaning

With a wall made of fear around your fragile mind

That will crumble at the slightest glance


I fear for you

I fear that the world may cause you to run full force at a window

To shatter the glass your fearful walls are made of

Once your walls break

Your glass will fall