Exquisite Corpse

Through a forest, thick and mean

lies the largest cave I’ve ever seen.

Then I thought, “What’s a night without gore?”

It sounds like it would be a bore

giving out candy on your front porch

so bored, the kids you can torch.

The pumpkin was glowing bright

next to a cat’s coat, as black as night.

Human-like figures unnaturally contorted in the dark,

Evil spirits creep out to leave their mark.

“Hi, I’m Mark.” One of them said

(what made it more awkward was homeboy was dead).

Upon this realization, home girl turned around,

and went to go hide in her bunker underground.

Meanwhile Danzig is Sad

and Jerry Only is Bad.

Rock music broke the window,

now we all have nowhere to go,

so we went out into the cold, dark night.

However, we went out without a flashlight.

There’s mayonnaise between my toes,

I left it there for a while, and now it glows.

The witch’s cauldron bubbled, boiled, and grew,

but why it did she had no clue.

From an almost holy reverence

emerges a resounding silence.

Litmag Staff

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