I'm Angry

I’m angry because I want meaning..

Why can’t I have it?

I know I could

But they told me I would fail

That I was a meager microscopic particle on a vast surface

Just like the others

They told me I was worthless

Something easily forgotten

Why bother?

Who cares?

Who are you?

I’m me…

They tell me I’m the person that will hopefully live until I’m about in my mid eighties… if I’m lucky

I’ll get an acceptable job. If I even make it that far

Have a family

A distraction really, in order to cloak my loneliness

Save up enough money to retire by the age of 65

Move away to somewhere warm

Because I don’t want to be missed when I’m gone

A lie really, to myself

Sure, my family might shed a few tears

But they move on

They have to continue on with the never-ending cycle

Ultimately, I’ll become nothing more than a lifeless corpse

Soon to become a part of the grounds in which others tread on living out the monotonous routines they have implemented into their petty lives

Because what else can we do?

So I, Me, myself

I’m no longer

I’m forgotten

But why?

Because you’re you.

Why are you angry?

….Why am I angry?

Because I’m nothing

I’m forgotten

I’m just me

I can never be anything more…

Victoria Oliviera

Originally appeared in the 2013-2014 edition of Outside In