Dedicated to all those who have been disregarded in this world.


She’s Latino, You’re African American, He’s Japanese, and I’m Indian.

Our society separates us by the way we look and the places we come from.


All I hear is she’s yellow and he’s brown and they’re black and we’re white. But

why don’t we say he’s human and she’s human and we’re all human. We are all one.


“Foot long buffalo chicken on whole wheat, thank you very much” — a comment that was given to an American Indian just like me, Nina Davulari, Miss America 2014.


Who says that if a leaf is greener that the rest, that it is dirtier, no, no, it is bolder, it is unique, it is the rare diamond, the exclusive gem which is the missing piece to an ancient treasure.


Am I that different light that brings variety and life to the world, or am I a footlong buffalo chicken on whole wheat? This is a question that itches people everyday, like a parasite sucking the sane out of you, driving you crazy, making you seem like you are a minuscule piece of dust on the bottom of ignorant giants’ feet crushing, crippling you till your lungs are the twin towers being broken down by a bunch of terrorists.


Terrorists? Am I a terrorist? No, no, I am not!  The ignorant idiots that tell you everyday that you are gross, disgusting, savage, tribal, and not American are the biggest terrorists I know. They have oppressed all the the races in the world to date!


As the innocence of a child blinds them from seeing the true form of this cruel world, I did not know why I was treated different from the rest. I was bent backwards like a burly bridge with scoliosis.


But when I grew older I realized why that girl didn’t play with me or why those boys snickered around me or why that teacher scowled at me. It was because I was different.


And you know what?  Guess what? That’s okay, because I am the bright sunshine that tells a flower to bloom, the light that leaks through a crevice in earth’s soil showing ants the way home,


I am the sweet, sexy milk chocolate that gives joy to people every single day.


I am that brown person that invented numbers and letters, gave the world religious tolerance, technology, and medicine without which you all would not be sitting here right now.


When I mend the world that is crippled and broken to its bare bones, where no ounce of blood is left to fix the cracks in its body of ignorance, it will learn and I will show you what a human is.


There is your footlong buffalo chicken on whole wheat, thank you very much.

Chandni Shah