Closed Eyes

My eyes are closed
Which is where they shall stay.
It may be dark, but it’s peaceful.
I see the city I’ve always known and loved, and

Nothing needs to change.

I see people
Those who I have always known.
But between hollow skulls and faded skies

They separate from me.

They have opened their eyes
And went outside
Of the city.
But the city is fine.
Nothing needs to change.

If you keep your eyes closed, nothing will change.
The world around me can stay silent,
For the deafening sound of silence
Drowns out the blaring alarms.

Nothing needs to change.

It’s different outside.
Between the visions of collapsing walls and fallen kingdoms
Are people I’ve once known

And things I used to see.
There is change.
Nothing needs to change.

My eyes will remain shut.
The clawing arms of those around me pull me back.
The ones who have see the light.
They scream, “Wake Up!”

But I refuse to succumb
To the inevitable change.
Nothing ever needs to change.


I need to hold on to the optimism

That the wreckage is only visible in the light,

And that I’m no longer alone in the dark.

I just want to stay in the dark.

Please let me stay in the dark.


But while I’m running from my life,

the smoke pollutes my lungs, 
And the sky turns a lighter shade of gray.

And as I look out into the world,
I see the remains
Of what my city has become,
And all the people I once knew,
And the blistering light,
And the change.

And as I look into the mirror,
I see that my eyes
Are open.