I Hate Nostalgia.

I hate the feeling of being a part of something, 
The overwhelming joy, the sense of community.
The community you have built.
Your empire.
But every empire needs to fall.

I hate the feeling of people you’ve known,
Visions of people that won’t leave you.
Those who have played a small role, 
But still changed your life.
You remember them, you think of them everyday,
And you can’t help wondering,
If they have ever thought of you.

I hate the feeling of finding what you’ve lost,

The joyous happy feeling of meeting those

From different worlds

And different times,
But with the looming thought in your brain that it will never be the same.

I hate the feeling of years wasting away
In your empire, reaching a high, but you know
That it will all come crumbling down

I hate the feeling of being part of an era,

But only after it has ended.
The feeling of finally arriving to find

An abandoned city, a ghost town.

But I love the feeling of being in a community. 
I love the short feeling of the world I’ve created,
And all of the people in it.

These worlds are often created out of necessity.
When you have nothing left,

you build your own world.
Your own empire. 

Because when you’re in the zone,
You’ve never been so connected,
And you’ve never been so alone.

If only I could feel that again.
The happiness grows while the empire falls.

I hate the feeling of reminiscing over lost eras,
Eras from long ago.

I just need to move on. 
It’s time to move on.

Keep moving forward,
Because when I look back, 
I know it will only get harder to breathe.

Oh, Nostalgia,
Please let me catch my breath.