A Call to Arms (for Optimists)

I am an optimist. 

This word has been used like a terrible slur these days. They use it to say that we are ignorant, innocent, asking to be taken advantage of here in the real world. We are expected to change, to grow out of this “childish” mindset. 

This is a call to arms to all optimists. I’m calling the dreamers, the idealists, the people who eternally see the bright side of every situation to rise. To stand with me. To show the world that our innocence is not ignorance. To scream that we know the world can be harsh, but instead of dwelling on the terrors of now, we look in wonder at the possibilities of the future. To show how when life gets tough, we brush off the dust and walk right back into the fray, ready for the next dragon we may need to face. To extend out open hands in friendship and invite them to look at the world in the spectrum of colors we see every day. 

I’m calling for a change. A change in the way we see our world. If we look at the world like it is cruel, we will be cruel in turn. But if we look at the world and see possibility beyond that cruelty, then fists can become hands again. Frowns can turn into smiles. The world can explode into color.  

I know this is a dream. But I’m an optimist. And I’m always going to try to smile at the world, even if it turns its back on me. Even if it calls me childish or ignorant. Even if it pushes me down. I will stand, brush the dust off, smile, and open my hands in invitation. I’ll point out my favorite colors to you, in hopes that you can see them. 

I am an optimist, and hope is essential in the world I live in.