We had a great life
We were one big happy family
We would get together for birthdays and holidays
You could just feel the happiness in the air
Then It struck
It took over my Grandma’s body
And It began to control everything that she did
It made her sick and tired all the time
It made her spend a lot of money on doctors
It forced her to become hospitalized
Because of It we no longer spent birthdays and holidays at home, 
We spent them in the hospital from 11 a.m. til 7 p.m.
We still tried to stay as happy as possible,
But it was impossible for the happiness to be real
We were so angry at It
The smiles started to disappear like the my Grandma’s energy
The laughter turned to crying
And the happiness no longer existed
It was like it didn’t only have control over her, but It also had control over us
It controlled our emotions
It controlled our plans
It controlled how long we got to see her
And It controlled our lives
My Grandma knew that she didn’t have long because It became stage 4
It started with her colon then It spread and It spread fast
It forced my Grandma into talking about her death in front of us
It killed me inside to hear my Grandma talk about dying when I was only 11
I didn’t know that this would be the last time I was going to see her
Things took a turn for the worst
It took her away from us on October 14, 2012
And now It’s trying to take my aunt away too