Missing You

She never asked for this. 
The pain. 
The hurt. 
As she dangled her feet into the murky water of the Atlantic, toes lightly sprayed with the cool waves, she gazed at the sky and tried to imagine the last day she was with him. When she was happy.
She let the tears fall, not bothering to gently swipe them away, or trying to keep them in. She was done trying, trying so hard to please everyone but herself.
Trying to get him back.
She could see him now, his arm around her shoulders, making some cocky remark, and flashing her his signature smirk.
Killing his girl with those piercing blue eyes, like he once did to herself.
She ached, ached for his touch, for his warmth, for his smile.
What had she done wrong? Did she say the wrong thing, was she not loyal enough? Did she start to gain weight, or not be the girl he wanted anymore?
Apparently so.
She missed him so much, that it was a physical hurt in her chest every time she thought about what they used to have. She missed everything about him.

But the part that hurt the most?

She knew he didn’t miss her back.