I am mirtis, moarte, kifo, pati, morto, my oldest name is Mortem, my most common name is Death. I am Death. I am the destroyer of worlds and the end all. I am a solution and a hope. I am relief; I am Death.

I am not as old as time, in fact I was created before the sun rose or set. I was created from the darkness before light.

I was born before Life. I saw Life wobble out of the sun, golden tears touched her cheek. she smiled at me when we first met. My soulless eyes thirsting off her pure energy. I reached out to touch her. Life in all her glory but she was just out of my reach. It was not fated for us to ever touch. Her silver wings looked like woven clouds with skin aglow with hope and eyes full of golden energy. She didn’t have a soul, I could never take her. I only take those with souls.

Life gives me souls and I take them, heaven or hell it does not matter to me, I only see bones and flesh, blood and breath, they are mine. I stand over their body and I welcome them with open arms. At that point, they never fight. They see me and they know. Death is for the living, because only the living are affected, the Dead are my children and they come to me smiling because there is no pain where I bring them.