All Thanks to Mark Zuckerburg

I double click on the lustrous icon “e”

I grow anxious as the small, spinning hourglass loads

What seems like such a small computer function

Tremendously affects the rest of my day


I swiftly shake the mouse twice, hoping to pass time

An instant later, a window of opportunity opens before my desktop

The Internet; where searching has no boundaries

I have the whole world in the palm of my mouse


When I go to the search bar through, I simultaneously type a certain website

Two words, eight letters, one sick obsession

It makes me feel better though, that I’m not the only one

Because I have 1,586 other people as evidence too


I’m an addict of Facebook

I get a natural high from tagged pictures

And a burst of energy when I see new friend requests

Just a glance of a red notification exhilarates me


I rapidly click through the pages, trying to sort through my news feed

Pictures, statues, comments galore

I continue to click, finding something to entertain me

Whether I look through Maria’s photos, or admire Kevin’s music


I hate those who are ignorant; Facebook is useful

It reminds me to wish John a happy birthday

Or reflect back on the friends I made at summer camp

And reconnect with cousins that are married and away at college


I realize though, that I’m a little too obsessed

I spend too much time wasting looking pictures

Or updating my profile or photo albums

And wasting time seeing who what other “friends” are online too


My name is Kayla, and I am a Facebook addict

I retreat each night to my basement, the computer cave

Once a distraction turned into a disgusting, consuming dependence

Good thing they invented, I needed something to break it…

Kayla Darcey

Originally Appeared in the 2009-2010 Edition of Outside In.