Why is it so hard to accept

that things aren’t always black and white?

For a society that’s obsessed

with the anti-hero who’s not always right

or the villain who’s secretly pure of heart

how can it be that we hold apart

reality from fantasy;

maybe that’s just me.

On some level, I do know

Everyone’s a person, so

It shouldn’t come as such a shock

When somebody does something

Inconsistent with their character

As I’ve known it up till now.

And it’s funny

that it’s easier to accept

a villain’s pure heart

or a hero’s betrayal

when they aren’t real.

But every so often, I get a moment

A sudden little static shock

When the scumbag that I thought would mock me

Helps me up without a word

Or the person that I thought was happy

Cringes at a call from home

And of course, there are the larger things.

The popular girl who hadn’t said

Two words to me in my whole life

Who stuck her tongue down the throat

Of her best friend’s boyfriend, in front of her

Didn’t even see my tears and fear

Without question, let me stay the night

She’ll never know how much it meant

For me to have that safe place

The smallest kindness from her

But to me, it felt like she saved me.

And then it goes the other way

And you cry at night for months on end

When you learn what has been done

By someone you thought was your friend
And you ask yourself how it could happen

Because you thought you knew him

You thought he was a “good person.”

What does that mean, in the end?

Everyone’s a person

Nothing is granted

Even the person you were running from

when tongue throat girl hid you from him

You trusted him once, didn’t you?

Otherwise it wouldn’t be this way.

So what’s the lesson we should learn?

What’s the moral of this story?

Should we never trust again?
Or should we trust more easily?

But real life doesn’t have a moral.

Maybe that’s the problem.

It doesn’t serve a purpose.

There isn’t any meaning.

There is no plot to further

No character development

Just people, trying to live life

From one day to the next

And crappy things happen

And the story never ends

So I guess

all I can do

is try to be

a person.

Jenny Peshansky