You'd Be the Beast

Dear Fire Breathing Dragon,


I bet no one has told you this before.

You are beautiful. I don’t know if you want to hear that. Maybe by now, letters and words are useless. I can understand that. But I promise you, firebreathing dragon, you might be the most feared, the most fierce, and the scariest beast in all of the land, but I promise as I look into only one of your sea eyes, the reflection I see is my own.


Oh, I know this world has been cruelest to you. I know you’re just trying to get your revenge. I hope it’s working, you deserve that much.


I know you were once a princess.

I know you once were dressed in a baby pink gown with a long strand of pearls.

I know the mirror once reflected the most beautiful girl with the same sea green eyes.


I know they destroyed you, oh, firebreathing beast. I know they tore you down, tore your dress apart. Told you you were insignificant, told you everything you had done was wrong. Told you that your green eyes were all you had, you had no brain, no individuality, you were the same as any other princess in the land, I know so. I know that’s what they told you.


And you told them otherwise. You told them that you had the undying potential to be more. You had the potential to be a beast, a fierce fire driven monster they’d never be able to kill. You’d be their scaley nightmare, you’d be their slithery scoundrel, you’d be the worst, dark, green-eyed horror any village of any town in the world would ever have to face. You’d never be the green reflecting eyes living within the beautiful princess aroma. I know they all mistook you for that.


But, fire breathing dragon, I know you cried. I know you’re burning down the homes of the people who broke your heart. I know you’re all doing it for a good reason. I know you’re destroying them because they tried to destroy you although you didn’t need them for that. You assigned your own mind to the job prior to their words. I know they might’ve won anyways. I know you’re constantly reminded of it. I know you’re constantly reminded of the ones who never loved you, I know you’re always remembering the constant hatred within a little girl that you once were. I know you questioned about how someone so little could be filled with so much undying, constant, hatred. You forced yourself to grow tall enough to be your hatred, and I could never blame you for it.


I’m sure within the woodsy thicket of your hatred was darkest shade of blood on the thorns, the hatred for yourself. I’m sure it was there, you don’t need to show me. I know you were afraid of pricking your fingers to clean it up. I knew it would be hard to get all of the darkest blood, because not only was it the darkest, but there was the most of it lying around your mind, and you couldn’t get it out. You figured it’d evaporate along with the rest of the hatred, that was all too thick to get rid of. I know it’s still there, girl or monster, your mind never morphed.

You decided to be the beast, you decided to be the bump in the dirt road. You decided to deny the world of royalty the honor of knowing you because the world of demons and monsters deserved you much more than glamour ever could. You’d be the beast, destroying everything in your path, even if that included destroying yourself. Because it would all be worth it.

Julie Padovan