It's Okay

It’s okay,


To not obtain that 4.5 GPA.


Being incapable of running a three minute mile,

Should not hinder the ability to smile.


Having consumed a sandwich

should not be the cause of a state in which,

a person finds himself dolorous within their very skin.

Contrary to the societal belief: eating is not a sin.


Individuals should not be looked down upon,

if they arrive to school without a lush gown on.


However, if they do,

that is acceptable too.


With an abundance of factors causing stress,

it is often easy to digress,

from the fact that we are flawed,

but that does not make us odd.


We are allowed to stumble;

We are allowed to fumble.


Failure is natural,

Even though it’s a hassle.


And while time seems to be ever lacking,

with such unsolvable problems continuously stacking,

remember that nothing will ever last.

Eventually that tower of issues will have passed.


Even when you feel the world crumbling away,

That feeling may only last for today and


It’s okay.

Olivia Housley

Originally published in the 2013-2014 edition of Outside In.