There's this old saying

"Home is where the heart is"


I know what you're going to say

"You have a home, your house"

Well yes I have a house

It's a place where I'm welcomed

As long as I don't come home with a random tattoo

But it's not home


It's not home because my heart doesn't ache every time I leave it

It's not home because I can't always be myself when I'm there


Home is something special


Home is a place where my mistakes are forgotten

Home is a place where it doesn't matter how much baggage I have

Home is a place that you can leave for any length of time and come back and it feels like nothing's changed

Home is a place where I could be in a room of strangers and feel like I've known them for years

Home is a lot of things


You can't choose home

Only your heart can

Because your heart belongs home

And until you find home your heart is backpacking every minute of everyday until it finds a place to settle down


You'll know when you're home

Because your world will stop spiraling out of control

And you'll get this sense that you finally belong somewhere

And the weight on your shoulders will hopefully be lifted

And all your troubles will finally fade away because all you can think is "Hey I have a home!"


And when it comes time to leave it doesn't matter how far you go because wherever you are you'll always have this home and you'll always belong


You'll have the memories, the people, and everything home is about


There's this old saying

"Home is where the heart is"


And I never understood it until I came here

And my heart decided to unpack

Regina Guzzo