She is Winter's Cold

I must say, it’s gotten so old

Living in her bitter cold

It’s just useless drama, or so I’m told

The way she rips me, marks and folds


She is winter nights

The shaking, shivering, endless fights

She rips away my given rights

To happiness and the warmth of light


She is the winter snow

She freezes me solid cold

Ripping my heart out through my winter clothes

Creating numbness in the tip of my nose


Judging eyes condemn me alone

I feel as though our old friendship has been overthrown

She is all that she doesn’t know

Her eyes condemn me, and let me alone


She is winter’s Jack Frost

Chilling her victims, cold death at any cost

I feel this Jack Frost’s wrath over me

But we are too far from humanity for anyone to see


There were ones that she did once claim to favor

But now that they were not there to save her

She takes her white dagger in her left hand

And thrusts it once to their backs as hard as she can


To tell her about this pain

I would never dare

I shut the door and tears rain

While no one is there.


I spent so many winter nights up late on the phone

I listened to her cry until she calmed down

But it doesn’t quite seem to matter to her now

In a sea of her darkness, I forever will drown


She is winter’s cold

Never doing what she’s told

No one helps her, she does it all on her own

Because she can’t climb down from

her winter throne

Ame Kuhl

Originally appeared in the 2012-2013 addition of Outside In