Stranger in my Bed

There was a stranger in my bed

Contemplating what was said

Between my teddy bear and I

And wondering aloud about my sighs

What could they ever mean to me?

Chest tight and words unseen

So I let the stranger take my bed

I’d rather be alone instead


I retreat to my shower cave

Set up pillows in a watery grave

Closed the curtain ‘round my bed

Toed the faucet till it bled

The water dripped around my foot

Covered it in liquid soot

Evaporated on a dime

Grandfather clock called out a time


Now the stranger in my bed

Has retreated, moved and fled

“Questionable morals!” he yells at me

(Spilling over a glass of potpourri)

He was polite to a fault

A thinking smile, comes to a halt

Bends down to fix the melting pot

Retreating into a frozen squat


Now the stranger in my den

Has retreated yet again

He fixed my teddy bear’s patch

Buttoned it down like a roof thatch

Though I have taken to my watery grave

It is in my warm bed that I do crave

So in the morning, if I am dead

At least there’s no stranger in my bed

Emily Considine 

Originally appeared in the 2010-2011 edition of Outside In.