Too Many Lefts to Go Right

I’ve been driven insane, thought I lived my life, can I take the wheel? Switch the lane, you sit passenger, it’s a whole new game, pushin’ limits, crossin’ planes, somethin’ new, for these veins, juices flowin’, the fuels are fumin’ with a slight scream from all the assumin’, and I might just cry, from all this looming, cuz I was chasin’ tails, and wastin’ every turn of heads, still every flip of the coin, will be a kick in the groin, next time I’ll listen when someone warns, heads!, I was born with the long hair, clearly livin’ sub conscious, I never cared, with the clock I’m growing fond of this, cuz this goes beyond all the rest, deeper than just the skin’s thickness, penetrates the brain’s surface, almost taboo for all of who, lost their path to this monster our leaders so blindingly drew, and gave that second hand power to those geezers on the pew, all mighty and with their morals diminished to a consuming few, never played the game, all I need is what’s true, when the day’s done, stomach settled, as long as my days aren’t done, honestly from all of this I wanna run, I’m no stronger than anyone, I thought my heart had already melted, what is this puddle I am cleaning, this mess keeps reappearing, it’s only scary, because it’s still nothing I am fearing, I wonder what started the project of my logic, constant building from what I’m hearing, thoughts movin’ super sonic, one way you can describe it, I need the life of the man back when the women wore bonnets, simple livin’, no worries ‘bout some nuclear rockets, I really don’t fit, I think the judge can conquer it, never did know where to sit, come into a room, with my one two step and a trip, mostly in my mind though, don’t think I ever had a grip, good thing I can enjoy every slip, built into something else, not sure if I’d even be a sonar blip, maybe on those intergalactic space starships you see I could always use a kiss, but forever I wish, to just lose myself in a girl’s eyes while I hold her by the hips, world blowin’ up and we could give two sh-ts, so before I die in the thoughts I reminisce, I’d like to stumble upon the girl lost in these words, connect our two worlds, and keep each other moving forwards, never stop dreaming, no worries when I’m eyes closed starin’ at the ceiling, and when I wake to your face, every day I’ll be floored, not a blessing from your lord could keep me this assured, love seems to be the ultimate fix, now c’mon, let’s get me cured.

Ben Misuta

Originally appeared in the 2010-2011 edition of Outside In.