Make You Cry

Can’t fight the feeling of death

When it wraps its hands around your neck

Like the pill that’s underneath your tongue

Swallow it with a soft regret


And all the things that make you cry

Remembering you’ll watch your parents die

And all the people that you love in your life

Find their way above the Irem Shrine


Skipping tombstones

Heavy and slow


Still fall asleep with open eyes

With bad dreams to occupy my time

We’re on a strict death schedule

It keeps me in line

There are things I’m avoiding now

Dreams about all of my teeth falling out

And a grey color scheme

Try but you can’t make a sound


And the clock keeps ticking around

Skipping tombstones

Heavy and slow


I hope that they float

No one knows how deep the bottom goes

Victoria Garcia

Originally published in the 2013-2014 edition of Outside In.