Quiet Corners of Life

Every blade of grass,

has a feel of permanence

But that would be a lie,

Their end is closer than it appears


For all lives are changed

people die hundred of times over.

And those still in it,

must break though the fog.


Grief is a curious thing,

It can be as cold as fresh snow.

It can be heavy and pounding like a shower running,

it can crack your brain wide open.


So forget about reputation,

it is like a stone in one’s stomach.

Fly beautifully while you can,

even tough old war horses can.


Even the best spend time,

in the quiet corners of life.

People can never explain it,

men are absently tugged there


But stay there not too long,

for hate makes you ugly.

Burn down the walls that confine you,

be captivated by life

Zachary Weinstein

Originally appeared in the 2010-2011 edition of Outside In.